Good Morning!

All in all, a great start to the morning.  Other than my Benadryl hangover (after sneezing for about 30 minutes straight with multiple nose blows at about midnight, I took a decongestant to try to clear my head).  I did finally get to sleep, but there is always that grog when you take any kind of medicine, and at least it wasn’t that poisonous kind that gives you the worst grog of all.  The kind where if my daughter misses her bus and I have to take her to school, I do it begrudgingly, only wishing I had those extra 15 minutes of sleep.

Instead of going there, let me go HERE, to where I am today.  Little things I did last night that didn’t always get done “then” – face washed, teeth brushed, vitamins taken, a few chapters in my book read, coffee set the night before, awoke on first alarm to go off, watched daughter get on the bus.

Still quite stuffy and frustrated that I am feeling a touch under the weather, but would much rather feel like this than on many mornings from the past.  As many have said, I am being gentle with myself, and doing what I need to do to take care of ME.  Quite a few phone calls for work today that I am preparing for, and then a doctor’s appointment.  Walk is scheduled for 5 PM, and dinner menu is planned.

So happy to be here, and will never take any of this for granted.  Baby, baby, BABY steps.  Gotta make sure I don’t fall into my typical trap of going a million miles an hour – it feels like I’m always zero or a million percent and I am always working on that happy medium.  By that I mean that in the beginning of ANYTHING I seem to take on, I seem to go overboard in the beginning.  As in you have already seen 4 blog posts from me within 24 hours.  And if I start off too zealous, I lose the fervor and then it looks like I have disappeared.  So slow and steady wins the race and I am going to sip some hot tea and get ready for my day. 

Later, and hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂


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