Off to Book Club

Just got out of a steaming hot Jacuzzi bubble bath – La Croix sparkling coconut water in one hand and a new book of poetry my aunt just published in the other.  Amazing how words are used in so many different ways.  In blog posts, in futuristic fiction like the book we will be discussing tonight, in “old fashioned” language like the classics I’m bringing to choose from tonight, as flowery but meaningful words and phrases in my aunt’s poems.

Typically I would already be on at least my 2nd glass of wine.  One for the tub and one for getting ready.  Then there, if the group was drinking white then white it was.  If red, that would be my choice.  Because if they were all having one and I had the other, my overconsumption would be obvious.  We do honestly have very thoughtful and meaningful discussions about our books.  But the poison was always a small part of it, loosening our tongues as we talked about our likes and dislikes.

The hostess already knows I’ll be bringing my own club soda and cranberry; “no caffeine or poison until I have this hormone thing controlled” I will say with a smile 🙂  These are truly what I would consider “normal” drinkers – unless there is something I don’t know, and who knows.  And honestly, who cares.  I have myself to worry about and that’s it.

Gotta go dry my hair and get ready!  Later…


4 thoughts on “Off to Book Club

  1. The last several days I’ve been drinking (and loving) ginger beer that’s made fresh at a nearby farm. Part of the trick for me I guess is that it’s in a glass bottle and, after years and years of always having something a drink in my hand when I get home, it has that familiar weight and cool touch of a real beer. When I bought a case the other day I sort of worried about the bottles being a trigger, but truth be told they’re just so incredibly delicious! I can honestly say that I much prefer their flavor to beer and it’s also great to think that I’m supporting (in a very, very small way) a local farm as well. It’s also nice that ginger beer won’t get me blotto.

    In any case, glad you’re enjoying your La Croix. Enjoy your book club!

    • I will have to look into that…have never even heard of it, but I do like the taste of ginger. I love the La Croix because they have no calories and no artifical sweeteners, and the coconut one is my fave! A close second is the club soda with diet cranberry…but it’s nice to have other options and anything we drink that doesn’t have poison (aka the “a” word) is always a good option so thanks! Home from book club and sipping on a hot tea watching mindless TV for a few and then sleepy time.

    • I was really craving a hot tea last night even at book club…but because I had told them I was giving up both caffeine and alcohol, I didn’t want to look like a diva by asking for a caffeine free hot tea – so the second I got home, I made one and it hit the spot!

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