Counting Sheep and Running out of Them!

This is just crazy!  We were home by 10 PM, settled into bed by 11, asleep by midnight, and now I have somehow woken up at 2 AM and can NOT get back to sleep.  I am SO wound up and have SO much to do today!  Driving with the fam to the mountains in just 8 short hours, then back here to get ready for dinner with the fam and daughter’s friends for her surprise birthday dinner, then coming back here for the “after party” for her, complete with a DJ!  Why can’t I sleep???!!!

It’s definitely not because of drinking!  Even when everyone was hanging out after the tennis match (hubby and I won!), people were asking where my drink was.  Luckily I was able to just say that we had a lot to do tomorrow (today!) and babbled about all the plans and people dropped it.  There weren’t too many folks there, so some matches on our fun-loving, excessive drinking team will be tougher than others, but made it through this one relatively unscathed.

So…for the past 45 minutes I have caught up on my sober reading – so much GREAT stuff out there!  I am going to give it another whirl because I have really got to get some sleep!  And hopefully some deep, deep sleep from which I wake up magically refreshed.  Or at least am able to get rejuvenated by coffee!

One more try for snoozedom…and onto my 6th day of freedom tomorrow (oops – that’s TODAY)!!!  At least that one is a no-brainer – can’t chaperone a house full of teens and be tilting back the wine bottle!  Although, sadly, I did not always think that way.  But now I do so that’s all that matters!


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