Morning Posts From Now On…

So…I know you are saying “WHAT?”  she just posted about 12 hours ago.  But here’s the deelio.  I have been doing most of my reading/commenting/blogging at night – usually from about 10 PM until midnight.  And what’s happening is that my mind is SO wound up with so many thoughts and things I want to say that my mind is literally racing when I try to get to sleep.  So this is the third night in a row that I haven’t gotten to sleep until 3 AM or so – hey – I thought it was supposed to be easier to sleep!

Now part of it *might* be the “greens” I mentioned – these mega nutritional supplements that are supposed to give you more energy, help you lose weight and detoxify.  My energy has been through the roof – between that and a GREAT cup of coffee in the morning (I treated myself to Heath Bar flavored creamer because I now have some extra calories to spare!) I am raring to go all day.  But I think I read somewhere that using electronics too close to bedtime can contribute to sleep problems so I’m going to try this.

Instead of a nightly recap of my plan for the next day, you’ll get a play by play from the night before.  BUT…if I DO have any kind of urge or craving, I am coming on here, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Just seeing what a few wise women have to say always helps.  And if I have to jump on and do a bitch/moan/whine post, then so be it.

Tonight is our weekly trivia night.  We go to the same place with the same waitress and I usually order the same thing.  Now in my last stint, I had no problem with saying I would stick to club soda and cranberry, and for tonight, that is again what I plan to do.  We tip her pretty big anyways b/c we have Groupons we use which bring the bill way down, but of course, we tip on the original amount.  And on nights when our bill is even lower b/c of $20 saved in wine, we tip her about the same b/c she is a great waitress.

My boss is out the rest of this week which is a relief and a frustration.  I have several emails out to him which I needed answers on in order to get some things done.  But at this point, I simply have to make assumptions because it is out of my control.  And I will do what needs to get done. 

Workout on the treadmill planned (Episode One of Season Three of Melrose Place!); leftover grilled salmon with salad for lunch, take my vitamins, do some straightening up, and just planning on having another awesome clear headed day.  I am so grateful for all of my friends here.  I feel like this is an all day women’s meeting where I can come at any time for whatever I need.  I can read the wisdom from the “long-timers”.  I can relate to the “newbies” like myself.  I can feel the pain in the ones who are not quite ready to jump into this new life.  It simply astounds me how many women like me are out there.  I thought I was the only one.  And it feels so good to realize that I am not.  I am worth it, I am loved, I am enough. 

So…as Clint Eastwood says…hasta manana baby!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Morning Posts From Now On…

  1. I also found posting at night to wreck my sleep. It’s not so much reading people’s blogs, but the effort in putting words together, posting and seeing if anyone out there actually cares that gives the brain too much stimulation. It’s much easier in the morning to post. And generally the start of a day is a great time for reflection. And my spelling is better! Take care, Paul.

  2. YAY! I was asleep just a little after midnight instead of 3 AM! It really was that after posting and reading, my mind would NOT shut off! It also gave me something to look forward to this morning. I like being able to recap yesterday and think about my plan for today. Definitely a better way for me! Take care!

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