Top Five Things About Having No Wine for Five Days

1.  The obvious – no headache, no regrets, clear head, clear mind, makeup removed, teeth brushed and flossed, no money spent on it, vitamins taken today, a GREAT cup of coffee (again, not using so many calories on wine I am splurging on a delicious creamer – none of this fat free sugar free crap).

2.  Non-Drinking dreams vs. Drinking dreams:  Not sure if anyone ever had drinking dreams, but I did…not necessarily that I was drinking, but it was like my conscience would speak to me in my dreams and let me know that I was on the wrong path.  Family members who have passed (my mom) would sometimes appear in them with concern.  Last night I can vividly remember a dream where I was with friends and was drinking something non-alcoholic.  I was smiling and happy and laughing.  Then at some point in the dream, I poured myself a glass of wine.  I took one sip and freaked out and poured the glass out in the sink along with the rest of the bottle.  Wierd but true.

3.  Started off the day with an online Women for Sobriety meeting.  It was AWESOME!  I so prefer the concept of it to AA, though I will NEVER knock AA as I know it has done wonders for many many people!  I have been on WFS before but I know what part of my mistake was.  There are SO many members and I would try to connect with SO many of them and overwhelm myself and read all the time about relapses.  This time around, I’m going to keep it simple.  I don’t want to get hung up on the message boards.  Maybe I will make a few close friends and do private messages with them.  I will do my reflection on the statements every morning and make it a goal to do 2-3 online meetings per week.  The statements are so positive and uplifting. for anyone who is interested.

4.  I actually CLEANED the house for 45 minutes before starting my workday.  WTF?  This was the gal who used to sleep in for another hour or two after daughter left for school. 

5.  We came in second at trivia last night!  We had a HUGE comeback on the bonus question, getting all four parts right – so we came from third to last to second place (about 9 teams).  My club soda and cranberry was delicious and our bill was so much lower. 

So much to be grateful for.  So glad to get to know you who are on this journey with me.  Lots and lots of work to do…everyone make it a great day and my promise to you is that I will not drink today.


3 thoughts on “Top Five Things About Having No Wine for Five Days

  1. Fabulous stuff!

    I, too, am loathe to knock AA too much, as it clearly helps many, but there is soooo much about it that does not sit right with me that I have yet to face a meeting. I have explored the WFS site a little and thought it seemed promising. Thanks for the reminder – I need to go back and give it more of a look. I also didn’t realise they did online meetings so that’s great to know.

    Go well!

  2. Indeed, fabulous stuff!!!!!!!!! Love it. Go gently and be kind to yourself to get through these early weeks. You can do it, and these fantastic benefits never go away. Never. I’m still amazed at myself for putting on night cream (which I only do about once a week by the way but it’s better than never!). xxxxxxx

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