Early Bird Gets the Worm (or at least good coffee!)

So…raise your hand if you think I’d have been up at 5 AM working so that I can meet a Tuesday deadline if I were still my old self?  Hmmm…well ya’ gotta do what ya’ gotta do so that’s what I did and I got so much done between 5 and 8 – and then took my “lunch break” at 9 AM to do another online WFS chat meeting.  It is such a positive way to start the day!

Let’s see…lots of uncertainty and changes within my job slated for next year – but ya’ know what – I can’t worry until it’s time to worry.  I CAN prepare myself by having my resume ready, so as soon as we meet our deadline, that will be my next focus – gotta take care of myself for sure.

A nice low key weekend planned.  Chilling tonight, sleeping in tomorrow (YAY!!!), date night with the hubster Saturday night while daughter is babysitting, then taking daughter and 84 year old mother in law to the Nutcracker on Sunday.  When I first moved back to my hometown in 2000, it was an annual tradition for my mom, my daughter and I to go.  My mom passed in 2009 so that year and the next two, I brought daughter and a friend.  This year we will start a new tradition bringing my MIL whom I ADORE.  I guess 16 year olds don’t think it’s cool to bring a friend to the Nutcracker anymore – that’s okay – no hurt feelings!

Well – just a quick check in (you’d hate to see a long one, huh??!!) and now back to work!!!

I can promise you all that I won’t drink today 🙂



3 thoughts on “Early Bird Gets the Worm (or at least good coffee!)

  1. Another great post to read today as I sit here struggling to start work at 2pm and knowing I will not be doing a great job of it. I also was astonished at how much more I could achieve sober. GO YOU!

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