Can’t Think of a Clever Title

So…I had some twinges last night…I was watching TV with hubby and in the PAST, that always included wine on my nightstand.  I started getting a little fidgety and resentful, almost like I was on edge.  It wasn’t a strong craving, just enough to remind me that the little voice will always be in my head.  Don’t worry – I was armed with my La Croix coconut water (love that stuff)…it was just a wierd feeling.  Almost like this is how it always was – why isn’t it like that anymore.  I felt like I distanced myself from him a bit which made me sad…but I think that is probably normal in the beginning, and it lasted all of about 15 minutes, so moving on!!!

When daughter got home (hubby was already asleep for early workday), we curled up and watched the first episode of Lost together on Netflix (I’ve never seen any of them)…we may start that as a family time series since I think hubby would like it as well.  It felt SO GOOD to be awake, clearheaded and present when she got home from hanging out with friends.  Now that she’s 16 it’s SO strange that she has the freedom to go here and there.  She is great about checking in, but it is still just wierd.

I got a GREAT night’s sleep last night – it was much needed so I’m glad I finally got one.  All of the pressures of work have been running through my brain when I try to sleep and I think I just turned it off last night.  Started off my morning with an online chat meeting with WFS.  The topic was false happiness vs. finding happiness from within.  What a great interaction of smart, sober women and lots of a-ha moments!  I am also SO happy that I switched to morning checkins.  It really gives me a great way to start the day – like I’m waving hello to everyone and we are clanking coffee cups.  And it helps me plan my day…

Plan for the day…treadmill (Melrose Place!!), shower, nail place, menu planning for the week, grocery shopping, college football, date night with hubby while daughter babysits, BEDTIME!

Maggie – if you are out there, just wanted to say hey.  I miss ya girl!  Went to click on your blog the other day and it’s not there.  Hope all is well with you 🙂

To all…have a great day…and I promise to myself and to you – I will not drink today.


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