It’s All Out There

Yesterday, I followed my plan to a T!  Online WFS chat meeting, treadmill, shower/ready, nail place and lunch with my daughter, car wash (added bonus), college football (my team lost in a heartbreaking end to the game…SO close)!!!  Date night with hubby.

During date night with hubby, somehow it all came out there.  I think it all started because I made mention that the place where we were had such awesome deals on wine – you could get 9 ounces for $5.00!  You do have to admit that’s a bargain compared to most places that serve up about 5 ounces for $9.00.  But NOTHING is a good deal when it is ruining my life.

I did alter my “challenge” a bit while telling him about it and left him out of it.  Even though he immediately said he’d give up sweets if I wanted him to.  I said no – this is for me – but you can do what you would like to do.  So my minimum 30 day challenge is to eat healthier, exercise a minimum of 5 days a week, drink 8 glasses of water a day and cut out the drinking.  He still did not seem to think I had a problem, but I assured him I did. I told him about you guys (well not individually but about the awesome sober blogging community) and I told him about WFS.  As ALWAYS, he was so supportive and will do whatever I need him to do.  God love this man 🙂

In the meantime a friend of mine had called to see if we wanted to meet them for dinner.  Thought we were off the hook when I said we were actually wrapping up dinner.  “So come meet us up here just to say hi, okay?”  Can’t hide forever, so here we go…

Got to the smelly Mexican restaurant (ugggh – hope that stink comes out of my shirt) and met them up at the bar (of course).  Ordered my club soda with cranberry and water for the hubby.  Before going in, hubby and I had made a $1 bet – he thought she wouldn’t say anything and I knew she would.

As soon as my hubby and her hubby were making small talk, first question was “why are you drinking that instead of your wine?”  I was prepared – “well – I have given myself a 30 day challenge (true).  I’ve decided to really buckle down during the holidays and get a jump start on the new year by (and there I outlined my plan…and it was all true).  I’ve already lost 5 pounds in the last week (true) and I feel amazing (true), so who knows where it will go from here! (true)

Comment from friend (a REALLY good friend of mine) – “Oh wow – good for you!  So when does this thing end?”  I told her I’m definitely going through December and again, who knows what will happen after that.  She genuinely did seem happen for me…and we shall see!

It was a relatively short visit and after getting past the initial questioning of why I ordered what I did, everything was a piece of cake.  I could genuinely laugh, talk etc.  This particular friend is definitely a “normal” drinker…now her husband on the other hand…I’m not gonna judge, but!

So…long story short.  I got a wee bit anxious during the football game but it passed.  A few twinges during dinner, but they definitely left the building after the heart to heart.  And while at “the bar” – NOTHING.  Not even one iota of a temptation to drink.  Shit, it was already 10 PM – why ruin it then?!?

Another busy day today!  Lunch with daughter and mother in law, The Nutcracker, and then we are going to put up and decorate the tree tonight.  First, gotta figure out something amazing to make for dinner. 

Above all – I promise I will not drink today.  And I hope everyone else has a wonderful, fabulous, incredible day!


2 thoughts on “It’s All Out There

  1. Well done you! I had to laugh at the ‘When does this thing end’ – I’ve TOTALLY had these sorts of comments before. In fact, what I’ve found is people actually get used to you not drinking pretty quickly after the initial shock, but when you go back it just confuses things all over again and you have to justify/explain all over again. Another good reason to just keep not drinking and you’ll be amazed at how quickly people will consider it the new normal.

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