Manic Monday

Late check in because I have been going at work fast and furious!!!  Well…it’s just another Manic Monday…wish it were Sunday…’cause that’s my fun day…man is that a great song by the Bangles!

Yesterday was amazing – no way could it have ever been that great either with a hangover or while actively drinking.

First of all, here is an early morning text I got yesterday from my good friend who I told about the challenge Saturday night:  “Have fun today!  You looked great last night – very healthy and happy.  I’m excited for you and your 30 day challenge :)”  That was a great way to start the day!

Had lunch with daughter and mother in law, then to The Nutcracker (13th year for daughter and I; first year to bring MIL since I just got married last year).  She is ADORABLE – 84 years old and spry as can be.  Very nimble and healthy!  It was a lovely way to start a new tradition since daughter and I used to go with my mom until she passed away in 2009.  Then the next few years it was me, my daughter and her friend, and this year, new beginnings.

Got back home and did a quick grocery store run for dinner, and then we put on Christmas music and decorated the tree.  Last year, for some reason I was so uptight, demanding where certain ornaments go.  I remember it was more of a chore than an enjoyment and it seemed to last for hours on end.  This year it took about an hour and a half and the end result is a magical tree that was the efforts of me, daughter, husband and MIL (she put hooks on the ornaments!)

Fixed dinner (listening to more holiday music – can’t get enough!) and then we all settled in on the couch and watched a cute Lifetime Christmas movie.  I sipped on hot cocoa (sugar free and well within my calorie count) and it was an invigorating feeling to be so in tune with everything.

Attended an online WFS chat meeting this morning about enthusiasm – basically making sure that we don’t get ourselves in a state of overwhelmedness during the holidays.  Say NO when we need to.  No “should haves”…do what you can do and ask for help if/when needed.  It was a larger chat than usual (20 or so ladies) but I enjoyed it just the same.

Off to my therapist whom I can announce my good news of one week to, and then plenty more work when I get back!  I can promise that I will not drink today 🙂  I hope everyone is having a great day!!!  🙂


One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. I’m glad your friend is being so supportive 🙂 Your Sunday sounds a lot like my Sunday. I looove decorating the tree with the kids. I pretty much let them do it all at this point. I used to be really particular about how everything was done; but I realised like you that it was taking all the family fun out of it.

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