Chugging Along – Not Literally :)

Another uber busy day today…yesterday my call for work ended up being FOUR AND A HALF hours…what a ridiculous waste of my time, especially since there are a lot of problems with the whole process they are trying to institute.  It’s times like those where I get so fed up with Corporate America and really wish my voice would be heard.  What are ya’ gonna do though?  Finally got dinner on the table for the fam at 8:30 PM since the call ended close to 8.  Then it was a low key night catching up on some phone calls and watching some mindless TV.

After taking my daughter and some friends to school today at 6:45 AM for a club meeting, I slept in a little bit which was nice…although I was sad to miss the online WFS chat meeting.  I am still working on doing a better job of an earlier bedtime.  I guess I am just a night owl though I do try to change that!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day today!!!  My promise to you – I will not drink today 🙂





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