TLC and Random Thoughts

So…spending almost 7 hours down at the tennis courts on Sunday in temps of 40 degrees or so has given me a bit of a bug. Not a major one, but one that if I don’t take care of myself (and it) has potential to segue into something much worse. I AM taking care of myself (along with awesome hubby helping out SO much) and getting the rest and fluids (water and low-cal gatorade, not wine!) that I need.

As much as it sucks to be sick, it feels good to string a few days together and remember so many of the pros of not drinking. Of course because I’m so tired I am still sleeping (as late as I can and as much as I can), but that’s okay. I’m also doing a lot of thinking and in no particular order, here are some things that have been on my mind lately:

* Valentine’s Day – received the most beautiful bouquet of roses from my hubby and my first thought was how in the world did I ever get so lucky and how do I deserve him? Thankfully it was to myself and I realized how quickly I do put myself down and if I am ever going to GET THIS SHIT figured out, I had better start focusing on my positive attributes and not get AS hung up on the negatives.

* Attended a thing at church called Married Life on Valentine’s Day. There was a great motivational speaker who weaved scriptures in with a LOT of humor and it was an awesome time to bond with hubby. The church was packed – literally over 1000 people (I think the church probably holds 5000 or so – I’m just guessing). But I was happy to be part of a really cool thing. And for $20 per couple, it beat an expensive frou frou dinner with crappy service – though we did stop for a quick bite on the way home.

* Had a GREAT week of working out. LOTS of time on the treadmill and also incorporated some strength training and punches (yep – I have a punching bag in our bedroom complete with boxing gloves). Of course I have not worked out yesterday or today, but I do plan on a light walk tomorrow to get back into it.

* Saturday was one of the BEST days of my life! Took my daughter to my alma mater to see the campus. Of course it was FREEZING so we had to do more driving than walking, but I think I finally got her excited about college. She has no desire to go to this particular school, but by her seeing an actual campus, she really did seem to get more motivated about school and it was an amazing 8 hours of mom/daughter bonding time.

* Icing on the cake of the day on Saturday. There was a gymnastics meet at the school that was sold out. We went to the ticket booth about 15 minutes after the meet started to see if by chance there were extra tickets. We were in luck – there were – and they were $2 a piece instead of $15. I offered to give the difference as a contribution to the gymnastics club. The ticket guy said not to worry about it – and then said, hold on a second. He proceeded to step aside, and came back with a different set of tickets and said we would probably enjoy these more. FRONT ROW. Holy cow. I was in gymnastics heaven as it was my sport in high school, though I had way more heart than talent.

* Have decided to make this a non-drinking week. I am two days in, so what’s a few more? Will go from there, but baby steps. I cannot overwhelm myself. I cannot even keep up with the simple “task sheet” I put together for myself. I really just need to look at things with clear eyes for at least a few days.

* Enjoying a book called “A Gentle Spirit – Devotions for Women”. Just one page a day to get me off to a good start.

That’s it. Just random thoughts. I’m not at a day-counting point or a quit for life point. I’m all about self-improvement day by day and week by week. SO enjoy reading all the great blogs out there and try to comment when I can – and know I need to make a little bit more time for this in my day so that I can.

Hugs to all…

ME – worth it and working on it!!!!


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