Physically and Mentally Exhausted

After many hours of waiting in the lobby, I finally got my brother out. Bought him some groceries and got him settled in at his house, with the understanding to call me if he needs ANYTHING, not to call the crazy psycho bitch ex-girlfriend. Of course she has his migraine meds, so she has already weaseled herself back in the picture. I had a good talk with him in the car and explained my thoughts and concerns. He is a grown man and can make his own decisions, but I cannot continue to bail him out if he continues to make bad decisions.

Did not get to do any blog reading today, and I’m going to take a NAP since we are taking our daughter to see a play at the high school in 2 short hours. I am literally exhausted to the millionth degree. Hoping to catch a second wind…no matter what…we will be home early and I can get a good night’s sleep!!!

Peace out 🙂


3 thoughts on “Physically and Mentally Exhausted

  1. I do understand how exhausitng all this can be. Been through the whole mental illness thing with my sister. It is such tough stuff when this happens to someone you love. But you sound like a wonderful sister – your brother is lucky in that regard. xx

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