Family Day…Doesn’t Get Much Better than This

Had an amazing family day today…I am on this floating awesome feeling from a wonderful day with my family. Church with an awesome message…like I FINALLY feel like I’m listening to what God has been hoping I would do…

Daughter and I went to an orientation session to volunteer in the little kids’ church – ironically we were at the same table as my ex-husband’s new wife and her 2 daughters from her previous marriage. Believe it or not, she and I are “friends” – not that we will ever go out for coffee or anything, but my ex and I each learned SO much from our marriage (his first and my second) that there was absolutely no animosity when we divorced. When he and new wife had a baby, I was actually one of the first to bring them dinner. Anyways, I had to laugh that they are also volunteering – and in SAME time spot that we are. It’s all good πŸ˜‰

On to a cool lunch at a trendy burger place we’ve been wanting to try – owned by one of the former Top Chef contestants. So if you have watched the show, you might now know what state I live in πŸ™‚ If you wanna guess, PLEASE do so secretly! I kinda like being a mystery! Topped it off with milkshakes for my hubby and daughter (and I had a bite or two) and then to…the mall. I HATE the mall. I don’t see the point of it. If I need something, I run into a store, get what I need, and leave. But my daughter wanted to “window shop” at the rich and fancy mall and we did. And she is the coolest kid ever and hardly EVER asks for anything so we bought her a ridiculously priced t-shirt, only because the memories I feel like we created today were priceless. Ended the day with cupcakes (SMALL ONES) that we took to go and headed back to suburbia.

I am making dinner for them for tomorrow night since I will be in my cooking school. Skinny Lasagna Roll Ups they are called…hoping for the best! Tonight will be some reading time and some TV catch up time and early to bed…because hubby will be able to join me at the gym tomorrow at 5:30 AM since he has the week off.

I can’t describe this feeling. It’s just an uber calm and peaceful sense. Like I can’t believe how many years I was an anxious dreary mess. And how excited i am to be moving on with this new me. Today’s church message (hard to explain unless you were there) was kinda alluding to that “one thing” that you know needs fixing. And I have heard that message time and again and WANTED to do something. And finally I feel like I am. And it feels fucking GOOD! Oops…not thinking I should use the F word and church in the same paragraph, but it needs that extra emphasis…so BAM!


One thought on “Family Day…Doesn’t Get Much Better than This

  1. That’s awesome to hear / read, my friend. This is the real gravy right now – true connection with friends and family. Slowly connecting with ourselves. Breaching that impasse that held us back from truly feeling and getting in touch with true joy and contentment. Alcohol is a coping mechanism, and it diluted and numbed feelings…ALL feelings, so the good with the unpleasant. So as we get into our journey, we are feeling it all – and that will mean those bad days will happen, or at least bad moments. But it’s how we react to those that will demonstrate our faith and our belief. Certainly having times like you are with your family are one of the key things to happen to us when we put the drink down and start dealing with the causes and conditions to what made us pick up. I am so, so very happy to hear that things are going well.



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