A Visit to the ER…But All is Well

I came home from my cooking class to find my teenage daughter in pain – LOTS of pain. The kind where when I asked her to squeeze my hand to indicate the level, she about took my hand off. A neighbor friend did some preliminary “poking and prodding” and recommended that we visit the ER for possible appendicitis. Instead of going to the nearby ER, we opted to go to one farther away as just in case they needed to do any kind of surgery, we would have had to go to the children’s hospital anyways…not to mention make the co-pay twice.

Got there at 10 PM and almost 7 hours later, after IVs, bloodwork, ultrasound etc, we arrived home. Home with a daughter whose pain level is down to 1 from 9, and who remains in good spirits. Watching her on morphine medication turned into quite a comedy show – it was almost a little scary – like that would be as if she were drunk – making friends with a surgical glove and just being silly/goofy in general. The fact that her pain was taken away so quickly and that all ends well (ovarian cysts were also ruled out as well as some other possibilities – may have simply been complications with her cycle), I’m just glad that we were “better safe than sorry.”

As Belle advised, I have given myself extra self-care today. We got home close to 6 AM, so I sent an email to my bosses and took the morning off. I’m working now, but taking it at a slower speed than usual. Dinner tonight will just be take in, and since I missed the gym this morning, I will get on the treadmill, but do more of a brisk walk than a power inclined fast walk – just something to get the muscles moving.

In the grand scheme of things, especially in light of the events in Boston, I am so incredibly grateful for so many things. I am thankful to have professional medical care to take care of my daughter in her time of need, and of course happy that the diagnosis did not include anything scary. I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who was there from start to finish. He usually works at 5:30 AM but is off this week. When I mentioned that it was a good thing he had the time off, he said he would have been there anyways. What an absolute gem. I missed the first AA meeting since I started going, and I was secretly pleased when I got a thoughtful email from one of the members to make sure that everything was okay.

Just all in all, I will use the word gratitude. That was the theme of the AA meeting that Kedzie Rose went to, and it made me so happy to read about her experience in the meeting. I’m thankful to have a sense of calm and serenity. Lucky to have the support that I need and the drive to make it happen. Gratitude – good stuff.


5 thoughts on “A Visit to the ER…But All is Well

  1. so glad your daughter is okay and i am glad that you are taking good care of yourself today, and feeling so good! it was so great for me to attend that meeting (which i am sure i will write more about soon) and i have you to thank for it!

  2. Thanks Kedzie!!! I seriously cannot even tell you how much I am grinning from ear to ear that you liked the meeting! You can ask Paul – there is nothing more exciting than having the feeling that you may have somehow helped someone, even in a teeny tiny way. I get SO much out of this online forum and am so grateful to connect to so many uber cool people šŸ™‚ Thank YOU for being here!

  3. Oh goodness, sorry about your daughter, I know that HAD to be scary! Glad she’s feeling better, and glad you took precautions as you don’t want to take chances with appendicitis.

    Not sure if you ever listen to any AA speaker tapes (cds), but they really helped me out at the beginning when I couldn’t get to a meeting or if I was stressed out and needed to get out of my own head. Ask an “old-timer” at your next meeting if they have any they could loan you. Or they have several websites where you can download them. There are even podcasts on ITunes devoted to AA and Alanon speakers.

    ~ Christy

    • Thanks so much for the kind thoughts Christy! I really wish I had video taped her while she was on the morphine. While some people get sluggish and sleepy, she turned into a total comedian. Actually a bit scary because it made me think of what she might be like if she was drunk, but humor helped get me through the ordeal so I didn’t fret over it.

      Are you referring to the Bob and Charlie tapes (cds)? Ironically, I was given a set of them on what was supposed to be the day I got my 30 day chip. One of the “old-timers” gave them to me…and every time I see her I feel guilty! I don’t have a CD player in the house – only in the car – and the most I usually drive is about 5 minutes! I guess I could probably listen to them on my computer…I’m glad to hear some feedback on them because I have no idea of what to expect!

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re having a great day šŸ™‚

      • I’ve given my cat Valium before to calm him down on a road trip, but it has the opposite effect on him and turns him into wild-ass-psycho-cat-from-hell. If he wasn’t such a terror, I guess it would be kind of funny. Come to think of it, that’s what alcohol did to me at the end of my drinking career. You just never know…

        Don’t feel bad or guilty about slipping! While it’s not mandatory, lol, most of us do. Some of us are just a little more stubborn than others. I only made 30 days the first time bc it was February and a short month! šŸ˜€ Seriously though, no one in AA holds slips against you–they respect you even more for being honest and courageous enough to reestablish.

        Kinda like Joe and Charlie, yes, except that’s more like a lecture on the Big Book… Speaker tapes are usually just one person recorded getting up and telling her story–her experience, strength and hope, what it was like and what it’s like now; maybe 30-60 minutes long. Sometimes it’s like hearing your own story. And, yep, you can even listen on the computer.

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