Sober Tennis…All Kinds of Options for the Day

Tennis in the south in the USA is a whole different animal, at least out of our neighborhood. Even for a 9 AM match, many of the players consume several (sometimes many) beers while they play (and sometimes even more if spectating!) One guy from our team brought a batch of sangria…another had a bottle of vodka on the sidelines with mixers. But MG was driving her sober car and enjoyed a Monster, a Sparkling White Grape Flavored Water with a splash of Diet Cranberry Grape, 2 regular waters and a small red bull. AND…we won our match in just over 3 hours with two tiebreakers and then 6-3.

My partner for today was the husband of one of my very best friends – and he can DRINK some beer. In the olden days, I would be chugging along with him – not matching him, but coming relatively close. If I had to count, I think he had 10 during our match. Yep – somehow we still won. Several observations about today (and a few from last night):

a) I was able to EASILY get up at 7 AM this morning to put the breakfast casserole I had made into the oven (we were the home team so we supply the food and drink)…I then enjoyed a cup of coffee, some quiet reading time and got a few things done in the kitchen.

b) I played some pretty rock star tennis today. I am one of those players who liked the relaxation that a few beers gave me – I never did want a full on buzz (until after it was over – then who knows how crazy it would get), but just something to “take the edge off”. I’ll admit – I was a bit jittery esp with the energy drinks, but it was a good energy. I ran all over the court, had some amazing shots and just played some good tennis.

c) As I have dabbled as a non-drinker over the last few months, a lot of my friends/neighbors have started to get used to me drinking a water…or an energy drink…or whatever. Not ONE SINGLE PERSON asked me why I wasn’t drinking. Only one person offered me something alcoholic, and he is a new guy on our team who does not live in our neighborhood. A giggle, a hair toss and a no thank you from me, and he did not offer the sangria again. Easy peasy.

d) MOST people did NOT drink alcoholically. I am not out to judge ANYONE, but I did feel like doing some observing today. Other than my partner and two other guys, I don’t think anyone had more than 2 beers. It is just nice to quietly (and soberly) observe from the sidelines.

e) The options for the rest of my day (although it is already 3 o’clock!!!) are unlimited! I don’t have to worry about not being able to drive anywhere. I can do anything that my little heart desires. I keep going back and forth between a few things…going down to the pool, reading, taking a nap, cleaning the kitchen and getting a jump start on dinner. All of those are options – it’s my call. Whatever MG wants to do in her sober car!!!

Now…observations from last night:

a) A lovely evening with not a craving in the world. I cherish those because unfortunately, they are few and far between. Wolfie has gotten WAY too used to getting his candy, and I think he was playing with me last night by pretending to be a good little toddler. Now I know that he is just being cunning and sneaky and I need to be on my highest guard at all times so that when he does want candy again, I can be a firm mama and say NO. Down boy, DOWN.

b) I got to hang out with my daughter and 2 of her friends. One of their girlfriends found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her…for the THIRD time. The girls were so sweet with their advice – “A – you deserve so much better than him.” “A – please don’t go back with him – you need to have a lot more self respect in yourself than that” “A – we love you”. They made her brownies that they will bring by today. And then typical mean girls style, they all texted said cheater asshole with a mean (not threatening or raunchy) text message all at the same time. 1-2-3 GO. Gotta love the girlpower!

c) I had to do our “big” grocery store run last night. Once a week (usually on Friday or Saturday), I do big shopping. During last night’s experience, I REALLY focused on buying fresh fruits and veggies. Fish and seafood. Very limited in the processed foods, and abundant in the healthy stuff. Caught some good deals on sale (things like sunscreen – regularly $8.99 on sale for $5.99 with a dollar off coupon). I spent way too much money, but I love that I have all of these different options to work with this week. Just little things like actually juicing a lemon instead of using bottled lemon juice are giving me a high. That probably sounds crazy, unless you love to cook.

d) If I do say so myself, I whipped up quite the delicious gourmet meal last night. I used to enjoy my time cooking in the kitchen BECAUSE of the wine. Now I enjoy it BECAUSE of the opportunity to cook. And listen to awesome music through Pandora on my phone with a cool surround sound system that we finally got working. Literally, I took about 2 hours of prep time because I *had* the time to do it. The cooking class I am taking continues to make me more adventurous in the kitchen – the way I bustle around and talk to myself, you’d think I was trying out for a show or something. The end result was Grilled Snapper; Grilled Sea Scallops with a Cilantro Pesto; Cous Cous Salad with Fresh Mint and Veggies; Fresh Green Beans; Baguette lightly drizzled with olive oil and herbs. We ate out on our patio with a lovely cool breeze. If only I knew how to post a picture!

e) I had hoped to go to bed earlier…but by hanging with the girls and helping them make brownies, I didn’t turn in until after midnight…but it was okay. I got a good solid night’s sleep.

Well…that’s a lot of rambling. But it feels good to come HERE and babble all that I want. Because this is my blog. My journey. And I own it. All of it. Hopefully this is not just temporary, but I really do feel that I have a fresh perspective on everything because of working through my 4th step. Just looking at the patterns and remembering some times I had long since forgotten was an eye opener – but I say that in the best of ways. It helped to realize how ridiculous it was when I would think “I’m not that bad.” Ummmm….compared to what. I am NOT saying I am a bad person…but I do know and realize how much of a BETTER person I am when I am not under the influence of that poison, alcohol. That shitty conniving beast that lurks within a bottle of chardonnay. Nope. No thank you. I have better things to do with my time. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Okay. Done with rambling. On to whatever I am going to do with my day. Still haven’t decided. Much love to all!



4 thoughts on “Sober Tennis…All Kinds of Options for the Day

  1. let me add…
    f) had the time to come to wordpress and write a really long, detailed, inspiring, uplifting, revealing, exciting, mouth-watering, clear-headed, brilliant post that carries a clear message of how much I am gaining from not drinking, how determined I am that I will not drink, how strong I am being to talk my addictive voice down, and what a great mum/friend/tennis partner/chef I am being.. a post that will totally rock the world of another sober gal living way down under in New Zealand.
    MG – You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It is always such an honor when I get comments on my blog…and from Mrs. D…wow!!! Thank you so much!!! I like the addition of “f” and love the fact that I really am learning how much I am gaining from not drinking. Thanks for the fresh perspective!

    • Thank you! Like I said, I am starting to check out your blog and love that you also include recipes as I LOVE to cook! I had a food blog as well, but found this one taking precedence so put it on hold for now. Have a great week 🙂

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