Packing Light

This year I PROMISED my husband I would pack light, but as always, I have way, way WAY too much in my bag. Too many pairs of shorts, multiple options for shirts and necklaces, etc etc etc. Now I WAS able to figure out just TWO pairs of shoes that would match all outfits (a miracle in itself I think!), but it is in another area where I will take some credit for packing light – or at least packing alcohol free.

Last time this year, I had two wine bags, each which held 5 bottles of wine, for our week long vacation. And as most of you who can relate will understand, that was more of a base. There were still trips to the tiki bar during the day, wine with dinner, and even a replenishment of a bottle or two during a “grocery store” run. Now granted, I DID go to the grocery store, but I’m sure I made up things that we needed just to be sure I had enough wine to last me the rest of the trip. I wanted to avoid that achy panicky feeling of the possibility running out of wine. Have you ever been at a dinner party when you are drinking, and you see the bottle dwindling, and you are looking around to make sure there are MORE bottles to fill the multiple glasses at the table, most of all, your own? Well, if not, maybe you’re not reading the right blog 🙂

Anyways, this year, I have the panicky feeling of running out MY special drinks. White Grape flavored sparkling water; Raspberry Ice sparkling water, Diet Cranberry with a splash of lime; club soda. As a “just in case”, I made sure to bring several packets of Crystal Light so we can make up pitchers to keep in the fridge when we get there. I have my “special” glasses; ones that I bought JUST FOR non-alcholic drinks. I don’t want to use any drinkware associated with the past, so it was important to me to buy these. They are all “freezerable” so that they can be extra cold in the morning when I go to fill them for the beach. We also plan on buying fresh fruits and stuff for non-alcoholic smoothie kinds of drinks. I don’t want to have sugary empty calorie drinks like Virgin Pina Coladas, but I do want special treats and we can make those, keeping it lighter.

On the not so light side, I packed 10 books. I know for a fact that I won’t read them all, but I want to have the option if I don’t like one of them to just move on to the next one. Life is too short to waste time reading books that don’t hold your attention. There are just too many good ones out there 🙂 I have my athletic shoes and look forward to lots and lots and LOTS of walking…and hopefully some tennis. We may rent bikes this year which would be a cool way to get around. I want to check out the activity calendar and actually DO some of them this year – instead of only going on the Dolphin Cruise last year, on which I had a bit too much wine and honestly told the captain what I thought of his boat that was held together in some places with duct tape!

I’ve scouted out meetings – there is only 1 the whole week where we are going. As a safety net, there are several each day in a nearby city – but it would be a 45 minute drive, an hour meeting, and then the drive back. I was honest and told my sponsor – if she was to “insist” that I went to a meeting every day, I would feel punished. She is fine with me checking in with her each day – and we have the understanding that if I do get in a squirrelly place, I need to figure out a way to get to a meeting. I will BIGTIME miss my regular group and made sure that they knew I would not be there next week. Don’t want anyone thinking that I am “out!” I texted a few different folks in the group today just to practice reaching out.

I may be pretty unplugged…or if I am feeling the need to connect more, I will. I can get the basics on my phone – I can read blogs and check email. I *can* write new posts and respond to email on it, but it is a lot more of an ordeal, so that will be where my PC will come in hand as needed. I just have to listen to myself and what I need and act accordingly. I am learning not to isolate and how to reach out if needed. The beach is a perfect place for reflection and meditation and I plan to take full advantage of it.

Above all, I packed my big girl panties. I know this is a very important week for me and I am truly EXCITED about the opportunity to spend it FULLY PRESENT with my family. We picked up my daughter’s friend from the airport tonight and I was literally giddy as the girls reconnected, including several of their other friends. We had dinner together, and there was lots of laughter and funny sayings that we will associate with tonight and bring up in the future. I am really looking forward to modeling good behavior for these teenagers, and can be extra vigilant for when they come home at night as well. It’s gonna be an AMAZING week and I will keep you all in my back pocket!!!



2 thoughts on “Packing Light

  1. Very cool, MG. I like that you have your support and safety nets (so to speak) already set up and that you’ve gotten into the habit of checking in. That’s fantastic 🙂

    Have a wonderful. wonderful time…sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun!


  2. Ha! I can totally relate to the wine packing and trips to the “grocery” store! I hope you have a great vacation and enjoy every minute. Sending hugs and support for a wine-free, best ever family vaca. Tfay

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