15 Minutes

I never realized until this vacation how much I DO need my alone time to read, comment and write out here in the sobersphere. At home, I naturally get my time b/c once the 9:00 hour or so hits, I am “working” from home which means that everyone leaves me alone and I am free with my PC. Here, I am trying to wake up earlier to get my alone time in, but inevitably, my husband is up. It’s not that he is completely annoying me, but he is asking “are you blogging” as he also tries to make small talk about everything. I am happy to have the company, but do appreciate complete and quiet solitude.

Things did get better yesterday and other than the occasional brag (I’m not used to waiting for the water to boil – we have this thing at home that pours out hot water automatically so we don’t have to wait), things were smooth. The girls did what all teenagers did in regards to negotiating a later curfew (finally gave in and gave an extra hour – if I had been drinking who knows how much longer I would have given just to get them out of our hair) and hubby and I had a perfect day start to finish. We kicked off “Father’s Day Week” and our first gift to him was a cool t-shirt from a local shop around here.

Fifteen minutes was this title b/c by the time I read and did some commenting on blogs, I only had 15 minutes to type up my post before my PC battery dies. So one last thing – discovered a new yummy yummy drink. MOJITO FLAVORED CRYSTAL LIGHT with a SPRIG of MINT. Refreshing an almost calorie free. Still not quite sure of what aspartame is gonna do to me long term – is it yet another vice I will have to give up? Alrighty – down to about 2 minutes so signing off and heading out for another LONG walk on the beach followed by some sunbaking – I mean sunbathing!!!




2 thoughts on “15 Minutes

  1. Ironically, I never even really LOVED mojitos – but it was a nice change of pace from Raspberry Lemonade. Can you believe that they also make Margarita flavor as well as Appletini? Just beware of the aspartame – I found that if I drank a lot of it (which I did all Sunday), I got a headache. Thanks for the kind words on my bubbles picture – because of course I felt “less than” compared to all the others. We do definitely have one helluva mean looking turtle – Bubba is his name so he HAD to be in the bubbles picture 🙂 Enjoy your vacation. I will honestly say (and this is not blowing bullshit bubbles up anyone’s ass) that this is by far the best trip I have ever had here and this is my fourth year in a row. There have been twinges of course, but for the most part, I am deep seededly happy in my decision not to drink. It is giving me a good burst of sober days to continue when I go home as well 🙂

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