The Early Hours

I’m still amazed at how early I have gotten up each and every morning of vacation. It’s like I don’t wanna miss a thing…and I also know this is guaranteed to be MY time when the others are still sleeping.

I love to use this time to simply be. I can look at my surroundings and really truly appreciate the beauty of nature. Each morning has been different – some blazing hot with no breeze. Some rainy with a gray angry sky. This morning is a happy medium. The temps ate cooler but by no means cold. The breeze is gentle and cooling. The sky mixes blues and grays together with a blanket of white pillowy clouds. The ocean rolls upon the shore with white capped waves…neither angry or calm but simply making its presence known.

Birds are chirping and I’m waiting for my morning visit from my friend Bambi. Yep. Deer come right up to you and eat out of your hand if you have carrots or lettuce or the like.

I’m about to start on my fourth book of the week and was highly pleased with the three that I finished. Once hubby wakes up we will go on our fifth walk of at least an hour. It’s fun to ooh and aah over the expansive (AND expensive) houses and form pipe dreams for when we win the lottery. Each house is distinct with character and holds years and years of stories.

Final full day of vacation and a bit sad. I truly could live here and enjoy imagining the peaceful existence it would be. Most people of course do like the beach but its as if its a part of me. I have been lucky enough to live near the beach for 8 years of my life. And I lived less than a mile from it for six of those years.

Calm. Tranquil. At peace. Relaxed. Rejuvenated. Inspired. Motivated. Fulfilled. Happy. These are words that come to mind to describe how I feel right now. What an amazing way to end the week.

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