All this Energy is Awesome!!!

I cannot believe how much energy I had today! It was just one of those days when I got everything done and then some. And compared to so many days this past month when I have accomplished NOTHING, it is just such a great feeling. What I love is that I don’t feel like I overdid anything. I went at my own pace the entire day and now I’m able to get some downtime in.

Had a great night’s sleep, although I felt a little groggy upon first waking up. Made some coffee and forgot how amazing it was. When I am hungover, I can NOT drink coffee. The only thing that will do is an ice cold diet coke. I know water is better for me, but I need that sweet, syrupy cold liquid to quench my thirst. But making Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and using yummy creamer got my day off to a great start. After my daughter went to work, I started on some things that needed to be done.

1) Made two casseroles for the teacher’s breakfast on Monday. Now when I signed up for this a few weeks ago, my sick and twisted mind was thinking that I would make them Sunday night, which meant that of COURSE I would have some wine while making them. I bet they turn out much better having made them sober.

2) Went on a cleaning FRENZY. It is amazing how you start to look at things with new eyes. The dirt and grime in some of my kitchen drawers has somehow been invisible to me, but while cooking, I realized that some of the areas needed a major overhaul! Got out the Greased Lightning (love that stuff) and cleaned out several drawers. Probably could have made a meal with the crumbs – JK – it wasn’t THAT bad – but the feeling of accomplishment is awesome. Then I tackled the cabinets in the laundry room. How did they get so bad? How were they THAT unorganized? On to washing all kitchen towels and pot holders so I could put CLEAN ones back in the newly cleaned drawer. My goal is to tackle a few small areas a day. NOT to overwhelm myself like I can tend to do.

3) Tackled the tupperware cabinet. Made sure that every freakin’ bottom had a top, and threw away anything that didn’t. Now when I say tupperware, it’s’ more like those clear round things that Chinese to go soup comes in. But I was also saving containers that said on the label what was in them (example parmesan cheese – not the big green bottle, but the Sargento stuff). Then I would think that I had parmesan cheese, when actually there were leftovers in there. So tossed those and it is all nice and neatly organized!

4) Ran some errands, got some things straightened out at the bank (I had no idea we had fallen under our minimum balance for our account by $100 and we were getting charged $12 per month. I just wanted to get it up to the minimum, and believe it or not, they waived the past fees for me. Missed the UPS store by 5 minutes (was hoping to mail my sister’s birthday present) – DAMN. Oh well. C’est la vie.

5) Let me just tell you – holy SHIT – our house smells amazeballs!!! If you are familiar with Bath and Body Works, they have their air freshener refills on sale right now; normally $6.50 each, but they are 6 for $24. When Belle gives homework, she advises that we treat ourself to something as a reward for not drinking. With my cleaning frenzy this morning and three days of not drinking, I decided that the perfect treat would be a few of those. Of course I over-rewarded myself by buying the six, BUT (insert note – alcoholic is rationalizing), I only used two of them now so that is a reasonable reward. Plus I have 4 more to use when these are out, and they are stored in a nice litle container in my clean laundry room cabinet. What I like is that the scent downstairs is a constant reminder of rewarding myself for not drinking. The Mahogany Teakwood scent is amazing, as well as the Pumpkin Cupcake (saving that for October). Oh and they had the spice smelling ones for $3 each, FYI.

6) Did a little laundry, used some of that washing machine cleaning stuff (does anyone have any home remedies for that?) I tried something with vinegar once and that made it worse.

7) Throughout the day, had some correspondence with some of my pen pals. Love the online anonymity of it, and I am a much better writer than a talker.

8) Thinking I’m going to get on the treadmill for about 45 minutes and watch something mindless, then take a long, hot shower.

EDIT NOTE: Got it in!!!

Thanks for letting me “back in”! Tomorrow I won’t be able to be on until much later in the day – we will be at the church from about 8:30 AM until 2:30 PM for a volunteer thing. Did I tell y’all my daughter and I work with little ones on Sunday mornings for the 9 AM service? It was something that I didn’t even realize was missing until we started doing it, but let me tell you, those cutie pies are one of the highlights of my week every Sunday and I love the bonding time with my daughter as well!

Whew…hugs across the sobersphere!!!



5 thoughts on “All this Energy is Awesome!!!

    • Thanks Debbie! All the awesome support I am receiving throughout the day here is really helping me along. Right now, I’m hanging on to this like a lifeline like I never have in the past. There are people from ALL parts of this world which makes me feel like I have support 24 x 7! 🙂

      • Oh…P.S. When I click on your icon to the left, it is some kind of a gravatar site. I have no idea of what I am doing and can’t seem to get to your blog. Or do you not have one? I just don’t want you to think I’m not reciprocating, and this is the third time i have experienced this gravatar thing and I have no idea what to do!

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