Praise the Lord for Not Drinking

Holy shit – there is absolutely NO way I would have made it through the day if I had been drinking last night. First of all, NEVER AGAIN Coke Zero. What was I thinking having caffeine after 9 PM?!? I think I finally fell asleep at 3 AM or so and had to be up at 7:30 AM. From there, my daughter and I did our volunteer gig in the two year old room at church, and all went incredibly smoothly.

After that, we went to Church Service, meeting up with hubby. Then, he headed back home, and my daughter and I went to an outdoor lunch for the volunteers. That would have been HELL with a hangover as it was about 90 degrees. After that, all of us went into the auditorium for a kick off rally for the new year. Again, I could only imagine the panic attack I would have had in a hot, crowded room. I have to say that our church knows how to do it RIGHT. We are part of that “rock band” type church, and they led us in an inspiring, exciting and got us ready for the smaller meeting. When I signed up, I honestly was looking to be more of a “helper.” Well guess what?!? I am the LEAD teacher for a class of 2 year olds with several teenage volunteers. I am excited, scared, motivated, and also moved spiritually. It feels like my life is coming together how it’s supposed to.

We finally got home at 3:30 or so, and from there it was putting together furniture, and doing some cleaning and laundry. I was able to tackle a few more drawers that were making me crazy…figure if I do a few here and there, this whole house might be clean/organized sometime in the near future! On to dinner making…made lamb for the first time ever, and I have to say, it turned out amazing. I seared them in a stovetop grill pan, and then made a peach/mint/jalapeno salsa to go with them. A couscous salad with mint, tomato, cucumber and red onion was added, as well as some steamed broccoli. YUMMY. So glad I tackled lamb, but didn’t realize how much fat it had, so that will NOT be on a regular menu rotation in this household!!! From there, it was clean up time, and FINALLY I am able to log on here to say that it was an amazing day, probably one of the best in a long, long time. I actually found myself praying coming home from the grocery store – literally talking out loud to God to thank him for the direction he has given me and to continue to help me on my journey. I understand that not everyone has a higher power, and that’s because we are all different, but I did find myself feeling a sense of relaxation and spirituality today.

Chilling out now with the hubster, and sipping on a club soda with a splash of strawberry/watermelon sparkling water. Not a fleeting thought today…but I KNOW that will not always be the case. So what I need to do is what I’m doing. Keep checking in here and reading/commenting/writing. Continue my new friendships with my pen pals. Make some quiet time for myself. Make a plan if/when I need to. Realize how much BETTER everything is, even at less than a week.

Gonna fall asleep EARLY tonight b/c I have to be up at 6:15 AM to pop two casseroles in the oven to bring to the school for the teacher’s breakfast tomorrow morning. Would that be possible if I were hungover? Yes. Would that be enjoyable if I were hungover? Hell to the no! So here’s to tomorrow!!!

So again, thanks to everyone for everything! I hate that this reads so much like a diary, and sometimes I get a little wierded out that someone I know might “find” me. And ya’ know what I figured out – if they find me, what does that say about them, searching on blogs about getting sober? So I continue to share and will try to get deep every once in awhile 🙂



6 thoughts on “Praise the Lord for Not Drinking

  1. hey, i can’t tell you what good timing you have! it has been amazing to hear from you on here the past few days. after a very much mostly sober spring i have been lurking all summer, and just recently got back into the very scary depths of drinking alcoholically. going to bed sober tonight, and from the sounds of it you are too! it is such an easier life on this “side”, how do we trick ourselves into living any other way?!? anyways i am glad you are doing well and it is so so so good to hear from you again!!

  2. YAY Kedzie and so happy to see you here! I can relate…not sure of what it was about summer, but I can of course relate to what you are saying. It is so ridiculous that we know how much better our lives are this way, and then get conned into thinking otherwise by damn Wolfie. So, so good to be back and let’s keep in touch via email as well. Nighty night 🙂

  3. Sounds like an awesome sober day! When I do stuff I like now, just ordinary run-of-the-mill stuff, I really feel it, really enjoy the simplicity of it all. I had made my life so HARD and COMPLICATED, it’s such a relief. So glad you are in a good place.

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