Off the Grid…But NOT Drinking!!!

I have been snuggled under the covers for the last few days, fighting some kind of end of summer cold, or perhaps it’s just my body telling me to slow down and get some REST!!! But I’m pretty sure it’s more than just that because I have a sore throat, body temp going from way too hot to way too cold, plus just a super yukky feeling. I have continued to work, but if I had to be truthful, I have done only the bare minimum of what HAD to be done, and slept as often as humanly possible. I have MISSED reading the blogs and commenting, and even reading comments on MY blog, but it literally took every piece of strength I had to walk myself to the laptop and get it down so that I could pump out this one post.

I just don’t want ANYONE thinking that I’m back out drinking. All I’m drinking is lots of hot tea with honey, and eating toast with honey. AND homemade chicken soup. Yep – even with feeling how crappalicious that I feel, somehow I cranked out some homemade chicken soup last night b/c it is ALL I could even CONSIDER eating. I grilled some thin pieces of chicken on the stovetop grill, using olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary, and then chopped into small pieces. My broth had chicken stock along with a roux that I made. Oh, and when I put water in the grillpan to get it ready for cleaning (no detergent yet!), I used that water with all the bits and pieces of yumminess from the bottom to put into the broth. Chopped up carrots, celery, onions and green onions, along with mushrooms. A bit of marsala cooking wine (alcohol free from the cooking aisle) and various herbs and spices. Made some wild rice and added that. Voila. A bone warming bit of heaven.

Hopefully this shit will be gone by tomorrow and I can do more of a proper hello, and also take some time to feed my guilty reading pleasures out here!!!

Peace out,



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